Parents support key to success for Rosevale

By: Jack Biantan - Big Jack

Mon. Nov. 02, 2015

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY -- Rosevale School is a tiny place of learning run by the Opus Dei inside the posh Xavier Estates subdivision uptown of Cagayan de Oro city.

Aside from its high standard of learning, its strict and conservative teaching of the Catholic Christian faith, the school is well known as a bastion of football development in the City of Friendship.

In fact it is one of the few schools in the city which pay their coaches good money to teach the students to play the beautiful game. Currently the school has three coaches who handle the three levels, the high school, the grade school and the grassroots.

The school has also given its all out support to the football program. The school’s population is so few but it has never been a hindrance for Rosevale to gain success on the pitch.

The high school team under coach Dennis Bongocan is a powerhouse but has won fewer titles this year compared to the elementary team. The major reason is that many of it’s star players have been pouched by other schools.

Rosevale’s Elementary School varsity team Comets have been dominating all the tournaments available in Cagayan de Oro winning a total of eight titles and three 1st runner-up trophies this year so far. 

Their dominance in Northern Mindanao will be cemented in December when they sail to Oroquieta city to compete in the Regional Palaro meet representing Cagayan de Oro.

Recently they also captured the Abba’s Cup 13 Boys division to add another trophy to their already full cabinet collection.

But why this 2015-16 batch is so dominant so far?  One thing is that they have a passionate and brilliant coach on Mario Sumampong, second, they have the support of Rosevale administration led by Emma Quimpo and lastly but the most important of all is parents support.

The parents support for this team is an envy of other schools. They have a parent who coordinate with other parents in practically everything from transportation, food, coaches allowances, entry fees, uniforms and which competition they would go and compete.

They also have a parent whose job is to collect the money. The parents are even present during the tournaments, feeding and cheering for the players. They also make sure their sons have decent places to stay when the tournaments are played out of town.

The amount of money the parents invest to their children are pretty high. One parent when asked why they are spending so much for the football development of their children, he said that his only consolation is that his child can get a football college scholarship from top universities here in CDO, Cebu or in Manila once he finishes secondary school.

“If he plays professional football in the future or make the national team, that would be a bonus,’’ he added.

The college scholarship, the professional and the dreams are still far fetched. The support the Rosevale football parents have given to the team have made them winners. 

They will continue to support their children and they are looking forward to travel with them for the regional meet in Oroquieta city. ( 


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