publisher barred from Barca game

By: Jack Biantan - Big Jack

Mon. Oct. 26, 2015

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY -- THE youthful publisher of, David Pallasigue was excited to watch Barcelona play in the Champions League several weeks ago.

He flew in to Barcelona from New York, USA and was so excited to watch Messi and the rest of the Barca stars play in the Neu Camp. However, his excitement turned into a nightmare when Barca security guards barred him from entering the stadium.

The security guards accused him of being drunk while getting into the gate to enter the stadium. The guards stopped him for no reason. He kept on asking why they were stopping him and they got annoyed and they did not let him get inside the stadium.

Pallasigue said that he asked for s sobriety test to prove to them that he was not drunk but they did not give him any. “They just assumed that I was drunk without proving,’’ he said.

He complained to the Barcelona management but they responded by insisting that he was drunk. “This is a case of racial discrimination. They can accuses any spectator for being rowdy or causing trouble then they could throw them out of the stadium. I was not even drunk,” he added.

Pallasigue also asked them to show a report of him being intoxicated or a report that he caused trouble. But Barcelona could not produce any report and their Supporter Services office insisted that he was under the influence of alcohol.

Pallasigue came in from New York on the 29th of September to watch the Barcelona’s Champions’s League match against Bayern at the Neu Camp, Barcelona’s home stadium.

He arrived at the stadium at little past 7 p.m.. He walked towards entrance gate but one of the ushers told him to go around because his gate entrance was gate 47. While walking towards gate 47, he dropped his paper fan with a Neymar photo in it. 

There and then two security guards who were walking behind him called his attention and demanded to see his ticket. He asked them why he was being stopped but they never answered him.

They held him for a while, and he then asked for their supervisor. By that time the supervisor came and asked for his passport. He did not bring his passport but showed them his driver’s license. The supervisor then talked to someone in his handheld radio and then told him that he could not attend the match.

He asked the supervisor why and he was told that he had too much drink. The supervisor also told him that his men saw him fall. Pallasigue told him that he did not fall but just picked up the fan that fell out of his hand.

Pallasigue then asked for his ticket back but they refused to give it back and was escorted out of the stadium. “I was not drunk. I was not causing trouble. I do not know why they picked on me. Is this a case of discrimination because I am of Asian origin?,’’ he asked.

He added that he is a bid fan of Barcelona and he came all the way from the USA to support the team he loves and he does not deserve to be treated badly. (

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